Speaking to Skull Kings--COming soon


I hope you will excuse the plethora of exclamation points in this post, because I have to tell you all that my first fiction collection is set for release from the publisher JournalStone on May 19, 2017! Twelve short stories, ten of them previously published, four of them featured on year's best longlists, two of them brand new to the collection, all of them featuring some combination of ghosts and weird girls and creepy magic and old Europe and winter and loss and bad choices! Here's the official description: 

A ballet dancer can’t escape an unwanted suitor—even after death. Three sisters live by a strict etiquette book in an abandoned house, until one of them starts to question why. Two children venture into the treacherous forest to find their missing bird-guardian. A magician struggles to find a cure for the plague descending on her city before it’s too late.

Emily B. Cataneo’s debut fiction collection is rife with the decayed grandeur of old Europe, girls who love and loathe ghosts, and magic that comes with a price. These stories, many of which have appeared on year’s best longlists, span the gamut from soft science fiction to noir, to high fantasy and everything in between. They unfold in settings rendered both beautiful and sinister: a wintry post-Revolution Russia, a gossipy New England town, a lonely bathhouse where robots go to die.

As the characters in these tales live out their lives, from childhood to death and beyond, they search for meaning, connection, and safety, struggling to transcend their circumstances and ultimately grappling with the question: how far will they go to escape?

You can preorder the book here