Sale: The Emerald Coat and Other Wishes

I'm excited to announce that my short story "The Emerald Coat and Other Wishes" will appear in the spring 2015 issue of Interfictions Online: A Journal of Interstitial Arts. Interfictions and the Interstitial Arts Foundation promote exactly the sort of art and literature that I'm interested in: unclassifiable work that straddles boundaries. Besides, Interfictions produced several great anthologies and now publishes fabulous authors in its online magazine, so I'm quite excited to contribute to it.

I found the inspiration for this story over the summer while reading about the dark side of Victorian fashion: garments that poisoned their owners because they were treated or manufactured with arsenic or other poisons. The result is a tale about museums, London, death, World War I, family curses, immortality, and, of course, the dark side of Victorian fashion. You know. The usual.