Well, friends, the day has arrived. Today, May 19, 2017, marks the release of my first book into the wild. Yes, it's true: Speaking to Skull Kings and Other Stories is now officially for sale at JournalStone and Amazon. That means that if you ordered an ebook, it should be on your e-reader right now, and if you ordered a paper copy, it should be on its way to you as we speak. 

I want to give a shoutout to Jess Landry over at JournalStone for inviting me to send her a collection so many months ago, and for all of her invaluable comments and insights during the editorial process. There are many, many other people to thank, and you shall see them in my book acknowledgements (which, as my husband says, are long enough to be a story unto themselves) but I want to extend a general thank you to everyone who is reading this and everyone who has ordered or is planning to order the book. I hope you enjoy it! Don't forget to head on over to Amazon and/or Goodreads to tell the world what you thought of it! 

Also, if you're like, who is this Emily, and why is she always going on about matters both eldritch and writerly, well, check out the interview I did with Hellnotes earlier this month (in which I talk about feminism, journalism, and witches) and the interview I did with Simon Bestwick's The Lowdown last week (about my favorite piece of published writing and Berlin and a haunted healing spa in the Mojave desert). 

Also, if you are a New England personage, don't forget that I'm doing a book reading/Q&A/signing at Trident Booksellers on Newbury Street on June 20. Tell all your friends! And come on by and ask me anything! I will also be at WisCon next week (more details on that forthcoming) appearing on panels, reading from the book, and perhaps having an impromptu book release party, so, if you are a Midwest personage, I hope to see you there! 

And happy reading!